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Test Tube Baby

Test tube baby (IVF) Treatment is a medical procedure in which sperm and eggs are fertilized in a vitro condition, in the lab to make embryos (Test Tube Baby in the lab).

Who can take Test Tube Treatment in India?

Male and Female, both can take this treatment. It is required in different medical conditions, such as-

For a Female

Blocked Fallopian Tube.

Suffering from severe endometriosis.

Problems in ovaries / uterus.

Advanced age.

For A Male

Having low sperm count, low motility.

Unexplained Infertility

Other fertilization issue.

What is done?

With test tube baby procedure, in the first stage, some fertility medicines are given to the female partner to enhance the production of eggs. When eggs are released, they are taken out of ovaries under the guidance of sonography with fine needle and kept in an environment similar to that in the body. Then the quality sperms, from the male partner, are fertilized in the lab to develop an embryo.

For how long the couple has to stay for the treatment?

Overall procedure can be done in approx 18 days, although this duration may be more if additional investigations or small procedures are needed.


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