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Our vision and mission at Cradle is to make that dream a reality for couples using the very best that medical technology has to offer.

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In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, a treatment in which the eggs are retrieved from the woman's body and the sperms are taken from the male partner and the fertilization is carried out outside the body (in vitro) using advanced laboratory procedures and techniques with the help of specialized lab infrastructure.

It is done outside the body to fertilize man’s sperm & woman’s egg after collecting them in a vitro. The complete process, from collecting the eggs from the ovaries till the placement of the developed embryo into the woman’s uterus, all are controlled in the laboratory environment.

Implantation of resulting embryo is done by Embryo Transfer Technique to place in the lining of the woman’s womb to make her pregnant naturally. The pregnancy test is carried out in a few days.

The success rate at our centre for IVF procedure is 40-60 % per cycle. (At par with the best centre’s around the world) (At Kolkata Cradle Fertility Centre, we have consistently shown high success rates through the last 22 years of expertise and leadership, and is one of the leading IVF centre in kolkata and India).

IVF treatment is performed

IVF treatment is performed to help the woman at every step to become pregnant. IVF is indicated in many situations, a few are listed below:


PCOD, unexplained infertility.

Tuberculosis with damaged tubes/uterus lining.

Repeated failure of IUI.

Moderate of highly elevated ASA.

Reduced sperm count and motility.

Advanced age of woman.

Tubal transport mechanism is disturbed.

Both fallopian tubes are absent, blocked or irreparably diseased.

High age (Ovarian reserve diminished).

Premature Ovarian Failure.

Hormonal disturbances.


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