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What is Ovum / Egg Donation?

Egg donation is a process by which a patient, who is not able to conceive a child due to egg / ovarian factor takes the help of another proven fertile, young, healthy Egg donor.

How does Cradle IVF help you?

Cradle IVF helps you in finding an egg donor who is physically matching to you as in term of height, weight, complexion (Fair Skinned, Wheatish, Caucacians, Asian / Indian skin tone, etc ), color of eyes & hair etc after going through rigorous process of physical and medical examination to be declared as proven fertile and healthy in every which way. We carry out detailed examination and screen them for various disorders before taking them up. A variety of Egg Donors are available from moderately educated to highly qualified women. Many a time patients would like to bring their family member or a mutual friend to do need full.

Process of Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a process, where embryos are formed by using donor egg with the husband’s (Patient’s husband) sperms and then these embryos are implanted into the woman's (Patient) uterus. The patient conceives and delivers the baby.

Egg Donation India

Being an egg donor leads to a very exciting and rewarding journey provide an opportunity to help infertile couples make dream come true of having own child. Many couples out there find it difficult to conceive by their own and need donated eggs to get pregnant. Egg donation is a wonderful program whereby an infertile woman uses occytes (eggs) from a donor to fulfill her desire of becoming a mother.

Becoming an egg donor is a serious commitment and results are gratifying. The generosity and compassion is appreciated for the infertile couples. However in order to become a fertility egg donor, there are certain criteria you need to fulfill to establish your suitability.

As all women are not eligible for donating her eggs, some criteria are fairly standard including donor age limits which should be less than 35 years, screening tests and consent (a legal document for the use of donated eggs in treatment). Prior to egg donation process, you will be required to undergo certain screwing tests such as blood tests, ultrasounds, pelvic exam and psychological screening etc.

At Cradle Fertility Centre, along with the above criteria, we also heck donor for physical characteristics, blood group, complexion, age, medical problem, surgeries, blood transfusions, marital status and allergies medications.

The egg donation process involves (In Vitro Fertilization) the retrieval of occytes from the donor and will be combined with the sperm from the recipient couple or donor and kept for 3-5 days in laboratory to produce embryos. Once healthy embryos are produced, one or two are transferred to the recipient in order to achieve the pregnancy.

The program recommended to:

Women with ovarian failure

Women unable to get pregnant with their own eggs or repeated IVF failure

Women who have had repeated miscarriages

Have chromosomal abnormalities

Age more than 35 years or older women

We have proven fertile donor who are well educated and willing to help infertile couples for financial / emotional reasons. At Cradle Fertility Centre we have complete and standard arrangements for egg donor/rent womb and already successfully treated more than 100 cases.

We are India's Oldest and Best IVF Centre & Surrogacy Clinic India. For all Egg donation, egg donation programm, caucasian egg donors etc Contact us.


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